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Different Types of Delivery


Adawatie is always seeking to satisfy and meet your expectations. The delivery time usually depends on the items and quantities being ordered. However, usually the delivery takes place at the same day or the next day! 

Due to the nature of our products and scale of operations - we urge all customers to be available at the destination or authorized individuals to accept orders or else products will be disposed off. 

Failure to take Delivery:

Should the Customer, Consignee or Owner of the Goods fail to take delivery at the appointed time and place when and where the company is entitled to deliver, the Company shall be entitled to store the Goods, or any part thereof, at the sole risk of the Customer or Consignee or Owner, whereupon the Company’s liability in respect of the Goods, or that part thereof, stored as aforesaid, shall wholly cease. The Company’s liability, if any, in relation to such storage, shall be governed by these conditions. All costs incurred by the Company as a result of the failure to take delivery shall be deemed as freight earned, and such costs shall, upon demand, be paid by the Customer.

(B)    The Company shall be entitled at the expense of the Customer to dispose of or deal with (by sale or otherwise as may be reasonable in all the circumstances):-

(i)    After 96 hours of purchase date and without notice, any Goods which have been held by the Company for 90 days and which cannot be delivered as instructed; and

(ii)    Without prior notice, any Goods which have perished, deteriorated, or altered, or are in immediate prospect of doing so in a manner which has caused or may reasonably be expected to cause loss or damage to the Company, or third parties, or to contravene any applicable laws or regulations.

(iii)    The customer will be held liable for any costs or liability as a result of his/her failure to take delivery. Additionally, the customer may not ask for refunds or returns or swaps or exchanges of any or partial amount.

For more information kindly use our contact page for any inquiry. Our process ensure the best experience of purchasing building materials around the world.