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Adawatie is a premium one stop destination for all building materials headquarted in Kuwait. Our business has operations in over 12 countries spread around the globe.

Our e-store is designed to offer smooth, ease and excellence service by creating a hub for suppliers and customers.  Our company is trying to shift the industry from offline to online. Adawatie plans to accomplish this by providing highly aggressive competitive pricing, fastest delivery, user-friendly website and the ability to order anywhere, anytime and on any device. Additionally, we are providing a smart systems to ensure contractors have replinishment systems to order periodically and freely without the need to add additional costs of buyers. 

We are always seeking to work with new customers and suppliers. To be part of our growing network, kindly contact us, by emailing us at

We have multinational network of operations, our headquarters is in Kuwait - Sharq - Jaber Al Mubarak Street - Abeer  Tower